Monday, April 27, 2009

Last meal.....

No more food or drink for Rocky until tomorrow afternoon. He is going in for surgery in the morning. He has a very unsightly mass growing in his eyelid and it needs to go. The Vet thinks she can take care of it without him needed a special Dr due to the complexity of operating near the eye.

So good thoughts and prayers for Rocky......anytime he goes under anesthesia, which for any of you that know Rocky, has been too many times, I worry. From the rattlesnake bite to the tumor on his leg, his torn paw, getting hit by the car, ingesting rat poison........and the list goes on. After the rattlesnake bike, we pondered renaming him 5K. He is going on 9 years old and has been a reliable and steadfast man in my life. We have had many long runs, a time when he bounded ahead and then patiently waited for me never getting too far from my side and how now how he struggles to keep up and trots along with that special look in his eyes, asking for understanding that he is slow only because he is old, but in his heart he is still a puppy. He still makes the run for the rabbits he used to give chase to and sometimes catch. We once shared a Gatorade on a hot day running up IronMtn and a couple that came along, said, "true love."

His biggest stress will be skipping breakfast (no food before surgery .....the dog lives for food). No worries, extra special recover meal tomorrow night- bacon, hot dogs......something for him to dream about. And I will feel better lifting his groggy body back into the car after he wakes up and is ready to come home.

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