Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot.....

Holy go from snow in Denver to what feels like the middle of summer is a sheer shock to the system.

Thankfully I made it home Friday without any weather delay!

Saturday up with the kids and down to Mission Bay Aquatic Center for the 2nd weekend of their sailing class. The sun was out and sure to be a nice day. I had to seek out a school and did the 1st track workout I have done in a long time.....It was great. Last few intervals were tough but it felt great to run hard. Rest of the day we chilled, took the cover off the pool and cranked on the solar and it was 85 by 5pm. Dinner with some good friends and early to bed for me.

Sunday out the door by 6:45 to meet KP and T for a 100 miler. Idea was the ride would be reasonable, nothing hard, from Carmel Valley to Chriastianotos (just North of Camp Pendleton) The pace was set early and it was definitely not IM efforts and were were pushing it a bit. Picked up a few roadies and by the time we hit the base we were rolling. Off the base and KP put the hammer down and we hung on. 52 miles and a break for fluids, fuel and a quick rest. It was hot already and we were only 1/2 way. Good pace back and the coast was packed with beach goers and many cyclists. We played some games with some roadies and paid the price the last 10 miles. Those power surges will get you every time. Back at the house by 1pm, dip in the pool, change and out the door with fluids and the largest turkey sandwich you can imagine and off to Riley's lacrosse game.

We had company last night and I was fading fast.....double espresso around 5 and I went to work on making a recipe out of Bicycling Magazines. A Paella recipe from Catalon (where we will be going this summer in Spain) Lots of prep work and my devoted Sous Chef (JD) was terrific helping me out. Turned out marvelous- we all loved it, even Riley despite the numerous wild mushrooms.

9pm and I am in bed and happy about that! Up Monday and it is going to be scorcher, I can tell and I have a long run to do. Not real excited- I am starving and am trying to fuel up and get out the door. It is over 80 by 8:30 and I am tired, sore and hot. Enough complaining, crank up the music and get in the mindset of running off the bike. If I can run a marathon off the bike in an IM I can do this run. Will it be easy, no, will it be hard, yes......I can suffer and be negative or make peace with the run (stolen from Bree Wee) So I make peace and appreciate that I can run, that I am actually feeling pretty good despite the hard weekend of training and begin to visualize my Ironman in June. Before I know it I am nearly done, but out of water. Thank you to Mobil Gas station- huge bin of ice, keeping all the beer cold, but I dunk my hand in and fill up my top and put a handful under my hat. Aaaah. Such a treat and I work my my home.

Cool dip in the pool and to work....well after I almost sat in the refrigerator or a while, drank gallons of water, green tea and Gatorade. Almost topped my massive sandwich efforts from yesterday and it was good. Then, I settle in for a productive afternoon.

It's all good....the dogs are like reptiles, when it heats up they slow way down. Actually kind of nice...peaceful sleeping dogs.

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