Thursday, April 30, 2009

back in the pool

Skipped swim on Monday....just could not do it and with my schedule Tue and Wed, no swim, so back at Masters this AM. The 6 day swim break was good. I took the lead, well was coerced into leading and it was a cool workout. 1000 warm up and then 5x300,2 times through. Each 300 was different interval, broken up and it went very fast. Ended up doing 9x300@1:35 consecutively, LCM and was able to hold consistently 1:30 for the whole set. Felt good! Was happy about that. After the set we grabbed our kick boards and went 4 across the lane for a sprint 50 kick race, followed by 100 ex x 4. We had a blast, nice to have Pro Kate Major in our lane, laughing along with us. Totally dead legs by the end. Fun workout, fun people and nice way to start the day. It is amazing how motivating camaraderie can be. For being a solo sport I am amazed at the conversations we can carry on between sets and even when we have 10 seconds on the wall.

Ah.... had to see KP for a bit of ART, having some hip issues. Something new for me, but he says common. Again it is somehow related to the IT Band and where it connects. The treatments have great results and provide relief, but the process is oh so painful. Yikes!

Had another great ride on my new bike! Which I love, love, love. I thought I loved the Kuota but I think it was just first tri bike infatuation, this may be true love. How geeky is that. My bikes in my office and when I see my new bike, I smile. Look forward to our next ride. KP and I did a nice long ride on Wed, 5:15 and it was not a hammer fest. Some reasonable climbs but all in control- goal was long ride and not to wipe us out. Felt great to put in the time and come home and actually feel productive and good. Versus falling off the bike, searching for double espresso and wondering how I will stay away for another few hours. Moderation, what concept!

Finished the day with a nice trail run. Loved it and the weather was perfect. Saw what I thought was a huge snake...ah ha just kidding was a rope, but anything round to me must be a snake. Phobic....maybe just a touch. Okay, confession, I am terrified and obsessed with snakes. One time riding last summer I saw 5 dead snakes along the road, still remember where they were and look for them now. Once E and I were descending down Skyline Truck Trail on GW loop and one was ripping across the road, I still imagine it whipping through my spokes and flying up and landing on my shoulders and there I am wrestling the snake, trying to control my bike ....oh I relive it many a time.

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