Sunday, March 29, 2009

6 days and counting....

Race week!!!! 6 days to Oceanside 70.3. I am as ready as I am going to be. Not going to be my best race, but should go reasonably well. Had a great run Saturday, legs are loosening up and my calves are not so tight and sore for a change.

Great ride today to LJ with John and had breakfast at Coffee Cup (yum!!) with S/N/T/J. Power Breakfast and I love it, love it.

Saturday felt like Spring, warm, bordering on hot and it felt so good. Sunday, cloudy and chilly again. Ahhh, well I have to remember how tired I get of the heat and appreciate the cool temperatures. Actually cool is good for the next week, considering we are heading to Mammoth next weekend for Spring Break and we want the snow to last as long as possible.

Checked out a new spot for dinner on Friday, Jai, on UCSD Campus, Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Butter Fish was delicious!!!! Hope the place makes it as it was nearly empty on a Friday. Good to get out once in a while and had a good time with Dad/K and S/N.

Heading to an easy training week, always bittersweet backing off. On one hand it is so great to not be working so hard, but on the other, it is so strange to have extra time, less training and more time to worry, have I done enough? What more can I do.....but as KP says, between now and the race, all I can do is sabotage it with too much training, no fitness to be gained with a week.

Still have not ventured into the ocean......thinking I should before race day, but every time I ponder it, I think about how cold 59 really is and what is there to be gained by a swim. But I will do it, I think Wed E and I are going for a swim. Cannot leave the shock to race day.

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  1. I got in at the cove yesterday. No booties and it was fine. Only swam a half mile and was giggling. After what we learned to tolerate at CDA it's bath water. Maybe what doesn't kill you does make you stronger :)