Monday, February 2, 2015

5K a month....

As "we" work on my running one of coach's approaches is run a 5K a month.  I have run maybe 3 5k's ever outright but have done a few off the bike ie: sprint triathlon.  I run open 1/2 Marathons or longer trail races to build strength and get my moneys worth -5k's are expensive.

Why a 5K when I am training for 70.3 and Ironman?  ( as a coach I get this) as an Athlete I did not seem to get this nor could convince myself as to why run 5K's.  5K = 3.1 miles of flat out hard work that is hard to replicate on your own, at least for me.  Once you hit that place of really being uncomfortable just past mile 1, it is the people, the race that keep me pushing hard.
I even get a few of my athletes
to enjoy the "fun" 

I did one in December on the sand at 2pm and it was slow and while "fun" was a bit depressing.  The Rum 5K last month was better but hard to compare as I was on the road.

Sunday we did the Cardiff Kook 5k.  We ran from home with was a nice 3 mile warm up to the race.  I had low expectations due to a semi hard ride on Saturday that rounded out a a solid week of training.  I did not look at pace and just ran.  It was "flat" but not flat as the coast is undulating.   As usual mile 1- love this, why don't I do it more.  mile 2- OMG where did the piano come from, this is longer than an Ironman, i may die. mile 3- they must have moved the finish line...oh wait  I see the finish line I have a kicker run hard, pass people!  That was fun :)  Short, hard and done.  The beauty of a 5k is that it hurts a lot but the pain goes away so fast.

it was a family run!  John ran with the dogs 

While not a PR it was my fastest of the 3 and I held a solid 7:00 pace,which for ME is good,  When it come to sport, we have compare ourselves to ourselves.  I'll never be the fastest runner but if I can work on my run and get my run better than we are seeing success.

Triple espresso, chatting with friends post race was awesome... the 3 mile run home was a lot slower than the warm up BUT was nice shake out and a good way to get in a solid run.

Next weekend:  San Dieguito 1/2 Marathon!  After the epic disaster of the San Diego 1/2, I am looking for a bit of redemption.

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