Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time Flies

When your kid is 2 and throwing daily tantrums and an onlooker says "be patient and before you know it he'll be off to college.". Right I thought in my dreams... When hormones are kicking in and your wondering where your child had gone and how long this stormy cloud will inhabit your house and people say "in a blink of an he will be grown up and gone". Uh huh I sigh.... When the teenage independence arrives ... I nod, I know, I know... Time flies.  But here we are driving to college....he filled with excitement and counting the hours and me filled with pride and heavy heart and weepy eyes.

Now don't get me wrong... The thousands of fond memories and good times far outweigh the frustrating ones. Days at the beach with a sandy boy, hours in the pool "more swim mom, more swim", always a hug and a kiss available no matter how wet, sandy or cheesy. He has always been an affectionate one.

Reading story after story... Lyle the Crocodile, Good Night Moon, Where The Wild Things Are, Hank the Cow Dog and the list goes on. Early mornings... "all done sleeping mommy" usually around 5am. The 4+ trips to the ER before he was 5.  Endless energy and then a flop on the carpet and sleeping like a baby.

TBall and soccer from the age of 6.... Add lacrosse at 9. Years of competitive soccer led to hours on the sidelines, a lot of great friends and really fun watching him develop into a fine player.  Even more impressive was watching him give it all up to make the Varsity Golf team at 16...this was the beginning of his focus and drive. He worked hard on his own for his goal- and he achieved it. 

I could go on for pages....but here we are driving across CA, NV, AZ, UT and on to CO...where he will move in on Tuesday to University of Northern Colorado already declaring a major in Accounting and debating a minor in Mandarin or pre-law.  There is conversations about living and working abroad, what to do after he is a CPA, double major or a minor, computer securities...... planning and looking at the future in a way I certainly did not at 17. 

We wondered many days would he even get out of high school and then watched with pure admiration as he matured and focused started taking control of his future.  Taking responsibility and making it happen. Working hard, paying for insurance and gas....  Becoming a young man who cares for his grandparents as they cared for him.  He impresses me....but I maybe a tad biased. Okay...done for now :)

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