Sunday, August 19, 2012

Falling apart....

no that is not sperm and
I swear he is smiling the
little fckr
Well it is confirmed I have Giardia (Giardiasis is an infection of the small intestine caused by a tiny parasite called Giardia lamblia) After 2 weeks of major gastro- intestinal issues ( I will spare you the details) I decided to get it checked out (that in itself was a discusting feat) in any case...the test results confirmed I have it.  Explains a lot.... it takes 7-14 days for symptoms to show themselves...hmmm 12 days after Ironman Lake Placid was when they showed up for me.   Thur before the race I drank a few massive mouthfuls of water (not intentionally) but ran into someone and inhaled.  In any case... I am assuming that is where this began or could have been my post IM swim in Big Moose Lake where I managed another swallow of water.   Thankfully I don't have any major races... One more reason for me to hate Lake Placid

I also have this low raspy voice for 3 + weeks now and while it is a nice change by last week it was difficult to talk. Dr thinks allergies?? inflamed nasal passages causing post nasal drip causing inflamed vocal cords.  Not sure but hooked me up with some Veramyst-  nasal spray with I ask her will this make me run faster?  Blank stare....I mean with the steroid and all- she laughed thankfully (sports minded Dr and all)

Infected leg....dropped a fan on my shin. Yes we have these white trash widow fans since beautiful San Diego is not a heat trap.  Hovering in the 90's for 2 weeks and it is not a dry heat.  I know Phx is hotter, the South and the East more humid but we pay a lot of money to live here for the perfect weather and I'm telling you it sucks!!  And maybe we are complete wimps. Of course we don't have AC, as we don't really need it but when we do need it- we NEED it.   Any John was tired of me bitching all the time so nicely bought some fans for his overheated wife and they are GREAT.  As I was moving one it hit my shit, bled like crazy and 2 days later was developing a personality of it's own. I am sure swimming in sewage filled beautiful Mission Bay did not help.   But a few doses of prescription Bacitracin and all is well.

So there you have it medical update...

Oh and today I leave with JD for college...... gulp cannot even write about this yet.   I am going to savor our 2 days driving before I break down into a hysterical mess hug him goodbye and wish him the best.  


  1. So sorry! What a crappy few weeks for you. I wondered about that raspy voice the other day at Ventura. I knew you certainly were not a chain smoking New Yorker :) Sounds like your immune system is taking a hiatus with the cool San Diego coastal air. Drink lots of fluids, avoid sugar and caffeine and pump yourself full of Vit C and Beta Carotene rich foods and Echinacea tea. Don't forget SLEEP. I also like to have my patients take OTC Mucinex D. Hang in there taking JD to college. I did it with the first one (sucks!) and have two left to do in a few years. *hugs*

  2. Oh my.. now that is interesting...I have sad over and over there was an awful lot of puking and shitting going on this year at IMLP in that medical tent. hmmmmm...
    I"m so sorry about the medical fiasco that is life for you rightnow though! Get healthy. Good luck with JD--.