Friday, August 10, 2012


No time to's a good thing really. When I go dark it is for 2 reasons....1- depressed or 2- busy. This time. I am busy.

Return from Shanghai....late Saturday night JD and Riley landed back in San Diego after over 1 month in Shanghai and I was so happy to see them, We rolled into the house well after midnight and since it was 6pm their time they were ready to roll,  Such an amazing experience for them from the beginning of a new language, navigating the subway, living with traditional families, exotic and sometimes terrifying food, hot,hot and hotter and more....they both loved it all.  JD seemed more ready to come home than Riley...but then again her family was terrific and made sure she was busy and enjoying her time,  JD's family was wealthy and he was often left to his own.   Good thing to remember if we have an exchange student, include them in everything.  Simple tasks are exciting when you are from a very different culture.

Along with the kids coming home my brother, sis-in-law and kids are in town from Hong Kong. So we are swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out as much as possible.  Fun to see them all and spend time with family.... lots of dinners and afternoon swims.  Taz and Jax are 6 and 5 and they are fishes - our pool is filled with kids and it is great fun.  They swim non stop and we take turns joining in the fun.

Mako has not figured out the pool can be just as fun as the bay....he avoids the pool but loves our morning swim lessons at Ventura Cove. He stalks the gulls, chases the ball and is a great companion. 

After lessons we go for a run along the boardwalk.  And then back home or sometimes a stop at Starbucks.  

As for training it is hit and miss...what I feel like when I feel like it.  Lots of short runs and some medium rides and little to no swimming.  I will get back swimming but just need a break.  Did swim Cove on Sunday and it was as clear as I have ever seen it- sensational - could see the bottom all the way across.   Had a lot of fun with one of my athletes who came to town- always fun to spend some good face to face.  Our bike ride was cut short due to a major mechanical on my part, had to call JD for a ride...but thank goodness it happened out training and not racing..... yes racing. I am doing Chula Vista Challenge on Sunday....local Olympic distance and should be fun.  Point to point race and we ride through the Olympic Training Center which is highly motivating, especially now with all the Olympic hype and then a trail run. 

Don't really have many expectations.... some days  I feel great and push it and others feel slow and sluggish- so we will see what Sunday brings. 

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