Friday, May 6, 2011

no schedule.....really

I love having a specific training schedule.....and I love not having one!  In the build up for O'side and the WF it was great- no thinking on my part, just follow training peaks and get it done.  But now that I have a mid- season break I like seeing the schedule each day and I like that really it is optional for a bit!   Oh I am still training daily but take today for instance I had short ride and swim on the schedule and instead rode to work with my husband, stopped for coffee, rode to the bike shop and in all rode over 2 hours - nothing hard, nothing planned just enjoying good company and wonderful weather!

Swimming....well after my great swim at WF I was thinking- yea I can do this swim thing on my own, but really...I cant.  Okay semantically I can, but I don't have the drive to get the yardage in necessary for an IM swim on my own.  A 1.2 mile swim is one thing...but a 2.4 miles swim.  And I am going to swim hard in Kona and to do that well, I need to be super fit in the swim department.   So welcome back UCSD. I know I complained about the gas, the parking and the stroke work- but well I love that we are now long course, that my good friend Jen is there and it makes it easy for run or bike after we swim and there are other good peeps there as well!   It was great to see Sickie, Terry, Kim etc....I may do 2 days UCSD and then slog out one on my own at Frogs- get the long swim done so I can be more patient when we are doing short stuff at UCSD and swimming at Frogs works well for my home life too.  It's all about balance....

So what is the plan from here.....May is play month for me.  Nothing forced, other than KP says I have to let some fitness go.  I hate that part-  we work so hard to get fit and want to maintain or improve on it.  But I know October is a LONG way away and I do not want a summer meltdown like last year.  So......easing up now.   I have 2 business trips in May so that works out well- as training and traveling is tough and stressful anyway.   Then we hit it June!  Well for a week anyway and then JD, Riley and Mom head to Cancun for a week of super fun in the sun! Just mom and the kids.  As much as we will miss John it is good for us to do this once in a while and plus we have other fun planned where we want John to be with us for sure. Since he has a "real" job and does not have unlimited vacation we have to make choices.  As for the rest of the summer...still working that out! 

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