Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MiO and airplanes....bad idea

So do you know the stuff....."liquid water enhancer" ....good flavor, no calories and works well when I am tired of plain water but want to keep drinking.  I also use a squirt in my bike bottles etc.   When I last purchased some I decided to get an extra bottle for my travel bag so I would have on trips.... great to have when running, working out etc on the road.  Compact, tightly sealed bottle. 

So I am about 2 hours into my flight and I reach in my backpack for my computer mouse...which is in a large clear plastic bag that holds all my computer stuff, iPod, headphones, ibuprofen, chap stick etc.. as I reach the mouse I realize is has moisture on it, seems odd, I cannot see as it is under the seat.  I pull out the mouse and my hand appears to have been slashed up and is covered in red liquid..holy cow.  So I maneuver the bag out, which is a challenge due to the person in front of me laying in my lap, and into the aisle. As I begin to take out other bloodied items I finally stumble upon the bottle of opened MiO.....leaked all over and is red, red.  Thankfully I have baby wipes and am able to clean up most of it without too much of a science..not to thankfully I am wearing a nice white top.  Could have been a lot worse..but nothing like red spots to add "color"

What a mess.....oh well killed about 30 minutes of my flight.  Thankfully Delta has Wi-Fi so I can be entertained on the web and facebook work the entire flight.

Oh and another keen fact....I am in the bathroom trying to get the stained red liquid off my hands and I notice my shirt is inside out!  thanks honey for not mentioning this key fact on our drive to the airport.....yes the red soaked through.

Loving the obnoxious and out of control adorable kid behind me and his great rhythm in kicking my seat mixed with periodic high pitched screams.

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