Thursday, May 19, 2011

Locker Room etiquette.....

There was a great write up in Triathlete magazine this month on this subject...and well since I have been back in the gym for a few weeks I have a few to add!
  • lounging on the bench (where my bag and clothes are supposed to go) buck naked is not acceptable
  • using a pedicure foot file and allowing your dead skin to fall on the floor is horrifying
  • clipping your toenails and allowing them to fly about is not okay
  • plucking your eyebrows and leaving your hairs about is gross
  • trimming hairs in discreet places and not cleaning up is worse
  • stretching after your shower and before you are clothed has no benefits to anyone
  • the pool is for swimming not walking 
  • do pee in the shower
  • blow dryers are for the hair on your head or so I thought anyway
  • Conference calls while naked and in the middle of the locker room? 
That’s all for now....I am sure more to come after my next visit