Friday, February 27, 2015

Why Swim Masters?

It makes you faster!  No question.

I am a swimmer, I coach swimming, I have 1000 workouts, I know how to use a pace clock and push myself but I don't believe anyone can work as hard alone as they would in a (good) masters program.  A bad masters program does not make sense - you are better doing solid swims on your own or better yet with a buddy.

What makes a good program?

1- the coach
2- solid workouts - without a lot of rest, unless you are going all out, minimal other strokes (this goes back to the coach)
3- the coach
4- support- it is amazing how the " keep at it"  "hang on"  "one more" makes a world of difference when you are absolutely dying.   Again I cannot ever get to the "i want to die" when swimming on my own. But with people ahead of me, behind me and a coach on the deck- you can get there

Do you need to swim masters year round?  no..... but ANYONE doing an ironman I strongly suggest committing to a masters program minimum 3 months prior to your race, if there is one near your home or office.  Yes it may mean waking up at 4:45 but with all your other sacrifices-it is worth it.  I hear "it's too expensive?"  Most programs are $40-75 a month-  Come on for 3 months? considering all the other $$ you are spending- invest in your swim.

It's intimidating- again if you find a good program, introduce yourself on the 1st day and engage with the coach and see.  Most programs allow 1 week free or a few free workouts - test it out and see.  

Swimming can be fun.  I love my lane mates and we have a camaraderie.  We encourage each other and it makes swimming "fun"  I may be a swimmer but I really don't like it.  But since joining the Y and going regularly I do like it.

If you don't live near a program, cannot fit one in with your work schedule than make sure you are doing workouts using a pace clock, going on intervals and understand your progress.  Just like you know your run fitness based on your garmin, you should know your swim fitness based on your times.    Or create a group to swim with- have 1 or 2 others that are similar pace can created a similar camaraderie.  GET WET!

Hux's Friday Fun inspired this blog... a killer workout that left me depleted, hungry, tired and sore.. 4700 with lots of all out efforts, base efforts and fun in the pool!


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