Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Recovery - the right way

Training day after day takes a toll on all of us, especially us "master's" athletes, but proper planning, fueling and recovery is what really can make a difference.

Saturday I rode 4 hours, longest ride for me in a while, at efforts that were not aerobic, I had some solid work in the ride and a short ez run off the bike.  I paid attention to calories and fluid intake on the ride- 22oz/hour and 225-250 calories per hour.  Post ride I had a great veggie smoothie/soup in the vitamix- lots of veggies- carrotts, cauliflower, spinach, ginger, sweet potatoe (carbs) and coconut oil and then a solid dinner that night.

Sunday was a 9.7 mile run, with a flat out 5k in the middle.  I had a heavy carb breakfast- Trader Joes whole wheat cinnamon roll 200 calories- slathered with almond butter and a large coffee with almond milk.  Ran 3.3 to the race start and had 1 Sweet Potato Puree  (my version of a gel). Ran the 5k.  Lots of water and a triple espresso with sugar and ran home.  Made another vitamix/veggie soup while eating chocolate nut butter.  Perfect recovery- carbs, fat and liquid.  

I had a lot of work to do and I jumped in my Recovery Pump boots for 90 minutes and worked and drank Kombucha.  Topped off by a dinner of roasted mushrooms, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and Tofu Shiritaki noodle saute topped with chia, sesame and flax seeds.    I love these noodles.  The key is rinse well and then lay them out on paper towels to absorb some of the liquid.  Mix them in with veggies with coconut oil and perfect!! 

That and 1/2 ( or maybe 3/4)  of a bar of Dark Chocolate.   I snacked throughout the day on Miltons Gluten Free crackers- LOVE them, but this was the gist of my "good eating"

And I have to say I felt great Monday AM!! Nice ez run, solid strength workout and a great swim.

How we fuel our bodies.....really, really makes a difference in performance that day and going forward!!! 

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