Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coaching fulfilling my need to race....

Today was so rewarding on 2 front....Athlete completed her 1st 70.3 and text said "Thank you for your training plans and coaching.  I can't believe I finished this distance and felt great the whole time"  Proud coach....she worked hard and did a lot of transition runs in the sand to prep for SuperFrog.  I laid out a lot of work and she did it all!! So proud of her and sharing her success. 

I had hoped to race SuperFrog (pre-inury) but was not sad today.  Plan B was 2.4M Tiki Swim..  I rushed to Oceanside yesterday afternoon to get my cap and chip and was stuck in horrible traffic, went to the wrong spot and never found registration and came home 2.5 hours later really grumpy.  But was going to pick it up early this AM.  

Last night was my step-mom's birthday and we had a sensational dinner at my dads with so many hilarious stories...everyone from breast implants, to neck lift vs face lift to Italian Villas.... tried a new birthday pie- sauteed apples in butter, brown sugar and Cinnamon then put them in a pie crust, added cut up Rolos (yes Rolo candy), made a "pacakage' out of it and was actually quite delicious.  Not Vegan or Paleo but was a birthday.  Riley drove, I had 1 too many glasses of wine and at 9:30 when we came home we watched movie
. I rolled into bed after 11, this really is the off season. Did not set my alarm and figured that if it was like most mornings I would be up at 4:30.... so no worries would wake up and drive to Oceanside. Except I woke up at 3:30 when John and Mako were wrestling over the covers and then it was 7:00.... oops.. I think my toes were to be in water at 7.

Plan C...relaxing AM with coffee, John and the dogs in our park,  10+ dogs and all the neighbors.  Riley and I went to Sculpt at Sculpt Fusion.  1:15 of hot, sweaty, cardio mess of fun.  Starbucks and bagel...( paleo starts tomorrow? )  I had my bike in the car and went for a 1:15 ride home....slow, really slow ( goals is to keep riding and not aggravate my knee)

Afternoon was at Westview Track for a run analysis with an athlete who is so visual, so teachable and so fun!  I am loving the video analysis and have it down.  Nice warm up ... 3-4 videos, we review together and see what we see, drills and a few corrections...more running and WOW improvement- that easy. Instant feedback is key.  And even though my knee is sore and I cannot run, I had a giant smile and left the track feeling good about someone else running more efficiently.  Her attitude and excitement was enough for me! 

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