Monday, October 7, 2013

If the pain does not go away....

It is probably more than a overuse injury....If stopping running for 3 weeks, backing of any really fun hard riding, quitting CrossFit and even Yoga and the pain seems worse its time for an MRI.  Bingo...acute torn meniscus.  Mencius is cartilage and cartilage does not heal, no matter how much you stop running.....If you are active, does Ironman qualify as active?, then they recommend surgery.  At this point....I can't run or really ride and it aches and sometimes really hurts so lets just get it fixed and get the rehab started.

Appt with the surgeon on Wednesday and hoping, hoping I can get this done soon.  See my Mom's hip surgery is not healing and she is scheduled for a replacement on 10/31 so I need it done before that.  Hope, hope to have it done ASAP!  In the meantime.. swimming is hard - see since I cannot run Mako to tire him out I use the Chuck-it to throw the tennis ball about 1000 x a day and I managed to have aggravated my torn labrum.  I know..really I am falling apart.  So today I tried throwing left handed. Mako was really confused about the ball placement and why it did not go far, but we worked it out.  I try to explain to poor Mako that mom is simply falling apart..... he cocks his head sideways.

So life in San Diego....rolls along. This Ironman blog has become a pity party I fear.  I am thankful for my friend Les who is also injured so we can connect and do our handicapped "cafe" rides.  It's all social and chatty and no hills- hills aggravate the knee and Achilles (her problem not mind)

As for off season, injured triathlete weight gain....gulp 5lbs and adding. Hoping this week will even it out as Riley and I are doing a 3 day Juice Cleanse.  We have talked a lot about it and are going for it now.  We are not doing just juice- we added 1 salad mid day and it was awesome- spinach, kale, quinoa, fruit of some nature, pomegranate seed and a few other things that I am not sure about.   Per Leslie's advice we added the salad to make it more sustainable. I did a 30 min float swim and after that I had a banana (they said it was okay)

I am not expecting amazing results but i do feel good and am curious how well I will sleep without the caffeine.

So far so good..  Tomorrow is my cafe bike ride so will see how well I hold up on juice...

No coffee this am or at all today (this is monumental)  I did have green tea with almond milk. Every hour you drink 8z of juice and 8 oz water.  I feel good....I have a bit of a stomach ache right now but not sure if that is all the greens or what...and well, let's just say I am glad to have dogs so I can blame know what I am talking about.

3-DAY CLEANSE MENU (64 ounces “Just Juice” per day):

Day 1: Kidney and Liver
Green Supreme+: cucumber, celery, kale, broccoli, spinach, cilantro, lemon, apple plus+ beet greens, tomato, romaine

Day 2: Second Brain: The Intestines
No Fruit Green+: cucumber, celery, kale, cilantro, broccoli stem, spinach, parsley  plus+ginger, green apple

Day 3: Super Skin and Colon Detox

Organic Garden Supreme+: cucumber, celery, beet, carrot, parsley, cilantro, kale, spinach plus+lemon, garlic, cabbage, romaine, and ginger

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