Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One less chick in the nest

I did it I dropped of JD and drove away from University of Northern Colorado nearly 1 week ago… talk to any Mom and they tell you this maybe the toughest moment to date of parenting (thus dealing with health scares or disaster which thankfully we have not)   Filled with pride that is he so eager to fly the nest and ready to start the next chapter.  But the overwhelming sadness that it will never be the same is what is so hard.  I love my fellow Mom’s comments, “forget the tissue just use a towel” , “ try to stop crying before you cross state lines” ..all so true.  

He is loving college (gee who didn’t) especially now since classes are just starting. New friends, no curfew and Froot Loops in the cafeteria.  Last night we had a great chat on speaker phone as well laid on the bed- he filled us in on his suite mates, life, what he has been up to, schooled Riley on the difference between social psychology (which is what he is taking) versus sociology (what she is taking) – he sounded so grown up. 

Thankfully we have Riley at home…..it was so nice to get home and see her smiling face. I believe the smile was due to her just passing her driving test but she genuinely hugged me and could feel my pain.  Her transition to life without JD is much different…. Accessorizing the car keys with bling, moving into his bedroom and claiming 100% of the bathroom real estate.  She has eased back into school as an upperclassman and is happy about that.   My goal is don’t let the next 2 years slip away so we have been having a lot of fun.

We did the Thursday Roadrunner Adventure Run (great fun if you have not gone- a scavenger run of sorts where you gather tickets) Vendors, free food and raffle where we scored 2 Garmin watches.  John even came along…a tad late since he rode his bike up there.  She has walked the pups a few times with me and even joined me Sunday at the pool for a recovery swim followed by some shopping.  Good times and we are in a great space. 

Parents….make the most of the time with your kids!   Soon they fly and you don’t want to have regrets. Ok that is my peachiness for the day. 

So triathlon….right?  That is what this blog was supposed to be about.  Let’s see I have Tri Rock on 9.9, my 2nd Olympic race in 2 months.  So much fun I am back for more.  Really I am having fun and want to property rep Nytro, my amazing sponsor, but racing locally.   Tri Classis is 9.8 another Olympic the day before but I have 2 athletes racing and I want to be there to support their efforts, so I will toe the line on Sunday.

9.22 I signed up for a ½ Marathon- I am taking the run by its horns….my run is my weak link and since my broken leg it has really been sub-par. So I am running in Sept and then another ½ Marathon in November and working on it!   So much that I am seeing things in my training plan from Coach that say 3x10 min at 7:00 pace (which is REALLY hard for me right now) so hard in fact that I run 45 minutes outside and run to the gym and hop on the treadmill for the intervals – no bailing out- set the pace and hang on.   Its good- this is what I need.   I slipped in a 70.3 as well on my birthday 10.21- SOMA in Phx.  Another of my athletes is racing and I decided to come along and play and seems Liz is game for a road trip as well so we will party it up.  A no pressure, have fun race!  One where I hope to PR the run- Training is somewhat unstructured…. Focused on running #1.  Riding has to back off some to raise my run and well I don’t like swimming but after my 4kswim on Friday I realize 2x30 min swims a week is not cutting it. So after my trip this week to Austin- I am back in…..  I think.

There you have it….




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