Thursday, June 21, 2012

EC CampDay 3

We are definitly going in the right direction....woke up feeling much better, HR was 15 beats lower and the headache was low grade versus complete domination. 

Jene and I looking for more O2

We rolled out at 7:30 on the St Vrain bike loop- 60ish miles, 5500ft of elevation and back up to 9700 feet (we did not have the bonus of Brainard Lake to get to 10k)  Weather was much cooler,,,, 20 degrees cooler at least-  chilly and I was wishing I had socks- why is that I don't think of socks and cycling unless is really freezing...oh well clearly I survived no foot amputations.  My gloves would have been helpful as well but they too sat at the house.  My plan for the day was conservative and I stuck to it for most of the climb.  Great group of chix riding together and we chatted up the mountains hills just like at home.  We had a SAG about 8 miles from the top and after that I picked it up a bit and it felt good to see my tired legs respond.  And then the same wicked descent...I had done most of it day 1 in my aero bars, but after the unfortunate accident with one of our fellow campers who went down on Sunshine Canyon on a tight turn and broke is collar bone, I was a more cautions.

But let me tell you there are some really fast boys..... impressive to see them take off and the efforts they are laying out-  no dropping boys around here.

The run for the day was again at 4:30 but I had a work call and really wanted to run off the bike.  So I backed up the 4 hour ride with a 1 hour run...all uphill on the way out and was steady and was really able to finish strong.  My first decent run at altitude- looking at the pace, it was not stellar, but I felt good and my HR was not pushing 180. 

Relaxing afternoon, work done and back to Gordo's for dinner.  Justin Daerr gave a great talk on perspective..well thought out.  And he touched on the the steps to success. Considering his first IM was over 13 hours and he recently went 8:22 at IMTX for a 2nd place finish,,,he is getting it- taking longer than he hoped but well- that is true for most.   He replaced the work "hard" with "fast" So instead of hard efforts, they are fast efforts, moderately- hard are moderately fast.. I like that!  Fast = positive and hard = hard and well not so positive all the time.  He also shared some thoughts about racing and dealing with " I want to quit"  For him only 2 reasons 1- mechanical that cannot be fixed and 2- major GI Issues that cause you to shut down.  Any other reasons..suck it up and finish.  Chuckie V added- you should ALWAYS learn from a race and always run across the finish line.  Then at the finish line evaluate your race...this is when we are most honest with ourselves.  Good stuff from some really talented guys!

Early to bed....somewhat of a restless night (argh)  but off to the Boulder Res for another long swim and a 1K TT and then a long run....

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