Sunday, June 24, 2012

EC Camp Day 5 and 6

Day 5 started with a mishap.... we were rolling at 8 from Flatirons and  on my way there (via car) I realized I forgot my cycling shoes.  When you shoes smell like a rotting carcass flowers they  have to be kept outside and well I forgot them.  U-turn and back to get them which made me late. One thing I like about EC is that when they say roll at 8, they roll at 8- no matter.  Thankfully Gordo waited for me and we boogied our way to try and catch some of the group.  But I missed the fun of climbing with the group- maybe a good thing.

Ride on deck today was Flagstaff Mountain- short ride but a respectable climb. With great surprise my legs responded well today. HR was in check and power was there when I reached for it.  There is a section of 14% at mile 3 and ooof that was a beast- HR 191- yeah baby.   Reached the summit, chilled for 30 seconds and went screaming down.  Done! 
Immediately following was the Masters Swim with Jane Scott, previously detailed and we were done by noon.  Free afternoon and free night.  Hammered out some work, a nap and then started prepping for the "race" on Saturday.  Why in italics....well the idea of racing on these sorry legs is amusing, at best.

With the race starting at 6:30 and Loveland 1 hour away the alarm was set for 4am.  Highs for the day forecasted over 100- so early start is good.
Easy drive and relatively small race and I was registered and set up with time to spare.  Swim was in a lake, 74 degrees and was warm.  Off we went and within 200 meters I knew the goal was getting enough O2- I was gasping for air.   The goal of focusing on new technique went out the window.... I was trying to survive.

.25 mile run up hill to T1 and I was gassed...
Found my bike and was on my way.... legs were burning and cramping.  Within a few miles I could tell this would be another training day - no power and HR (after being high all week) was mid 150's and I could not get it higher.  Low HR + No Power = I enjoyed the ride, was passed a lot and tried to have fun.  Onto the run and that was when my legs said  WTF?  So I turned off the pace and just rolled... focused on form and ran along.  The smoke smell from the fires was strong a bothersome... People were flying by and well I just trotted along.  Was pass in the final 1/2 mile by a chick who I thought was younger but no she was in my AG and beat me by 11 seconds.  Oh well.... I manged a 3rd place at altitude after a rockin camp- Splits are embarrassing but as Chuckie V says...what did you learn?  I learned I am tired but can still have fun when not feeling great. 
 Award in hand and yes in ice cold beer!

With camp over, except for dinner, I was off to spend some time with the family..... 3-4 espresso's later and I was ready to rally. We grabbed lunch, hung out and returned to Boom Yogurt for more delicious treats.   Closing dinner at Foolish Craig's in Boulder and it was good..... beers were flowing tonight.   Excellent food and lots of reminiscing about the week of camp.   Made some new great friends and hope to see them out racing throughout the year. 

Glad to be heading home....the 99+ degrees is overwhelming, the air is thin and I miss my family.  10 days is a long time....looking forward to seeing everyone and of course my baby Mako


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