Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EC Camp Day 2

Well Day 1 was all rosy and fun....okay not really.  I thought about posting about another epic day of killer training and fun, but that would be fake blogging..... time to be truthful.  Yesterdays ride was great fun but I did not feel great.... headache, really high HR and low power but I was excited for camp so I was a good faker. 

The PM run was a disaster.... major GI issues and again HR in the high 170's and pace was 2+ minutes slower.   Survived but a raging headache lingered....I was convinced it was dehydration and fatigue.

Really restless night, tossed and turned.  Woke up with headache and feeling queasy.  With a big swim, run and ride on deck I forced some Oatmeal down and skipped the coffee for fear of the queasy stomach.  Downed 3 Ibuprofen and grabbed some water and headed to Boulder Res.
Every Tue and Thur in the summer BAM (boulder aquatic masters) sets up a 1000 course in the res 6:15-7:45 am with legit buoys.  It was great.  The water was 70 degrees, a bit murky, but really nice to swim in. No waves, no sea life and nice easy swimming.  We swam 2200 and then stopped for an 1100m timed swim- all out around the buoys.  Ouch- I started on Justin's feet but was soon dropped and just hung on.  One more lap easy and 4400 meters done.

Onto the run- it was 96 and hot!   And not pretty- my HR was well over 170 and my pace was again 10:30 and I was not feeling 180 I stopped to get it down and slowly finished.  Crushing headache and not a good feeling.  Forced down water, could not eat and onto the bike.

Short bike ride- 14 miles with a 5 mile climb up Sunshine Canyon - close to 3000ft in 5 miles.  Shortly into the climb something was not right- this feeling has hit me twice before once in Kona 2009 and in Ocotillo last summer - dizzy, seeing spots and that overwhelming feeling to sleep (on the bike) I pulled over and chilled for a bit and that was it - lost all the water I had forced down after my run.   Had to make a really hard call and call it a day....after puking and seeing my HR remain at 180 it did not seem smart to push on.   I am trying to be smart eenthough I feel like a complete loser and a wimp and keep my health and the big picutre in mind - IM Lake Placid!

I rolled home feeling terrible and demoralized- how can everyone else do it?  I fell into bed and tried to deal with the crushing headache- I could not sleep and was really nauseous.  I knew I had to eat so forced some yogurt and almond butter more ibuprofen and still no luck.

My sis and I headed to Tonic for some O2.... it was wild - 20 minutes later I cannot say I felt any better but did not feel any worse.  And I was definitely hungry... I may seem a bit food obsessed but we have a few more big days of training (at least I hope I do) and I don't want to add bonking to my list of issues!

So with that we went home and chilled out.... I did not sleep but did get a lot of work done and had a relaxing afternoon. No camp dinner so ate with the family and called it a night early-
Tomorrow....long ride and we shall see how it plays out....hoping for good recovery, no headache and some fun in Boulder.  The weather is supposed to break-  high of 82 vs 98. That should help for sure...

Wish me luck!

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