Tuesday, June 19, 2012

EC Camp Day 1

On the bike 6:45 and rolling to Lee High Road for the meeting spot to begin the ride....we were warned there was no warm up as we started climbing within .5 miles so I did a 40 minute warm up to the meeting spot.  I rode with the "friendly" group which took off before the "peppy" group and off we went.

No lies...serious climbing within .5 miles and sustained that for 90+ minutes to the funky town of Ward - rolled by and found the SAG set up -  it was great to have cold water and Power Bar products but I was really looking for an O2 tank...thin air and tough to breath.  From there we kept going up to Brainard Lake

Really stunning at over 10,000 feet- gasp.  We made it and it was chilly....jackets on and enjoyed the view (still no O2) and we began the wicked descent back to home.... Similar to GWL all the climbing up front and quick final 22 miles. 

Did a bit of an out and back on the 36 for some good aero time + wanted to have some more fun battling the cross wind.  It was howling out there.

 Solid ride all said and done...over 5 hours with 6550ft of elevation and up to 10k.   It was well over 90 at the bottom and I could tell quickly I had not hydrated well nor did I do a good job with the salt. 

Came home, ate big, showered and took a much needed nap!  Oh I love camp...banged out some work and off to Gordo's for a run at 4:30 in the hot sun, This did not go so well....reminder of running on the QueenK, hot slow and I had to make a few emergency stops- my body and the heat.  Tough, tough run....

Another sensational meal and a motivating talk from Gordo...lights out 8:30 and off to Boulder Res for an early swim with 1000TT inserted in the middle....Should be fun!

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  1. I am jealous! I would love to do an epic camp with Gordo... maybe one not at 10,000ft though! :) ENJOY your week!