Friday, June 29, 2012

16 today is not what 16 was in 1982

All I remember about my 16th birthday was getting out of school, rushing to the DMV, getting my license and dropping my mom off at work and blasting Scorpions "No One Like You" in our Honda Civic. I was elated to drive to swim practice was such an amazing feeling. I went to a school where 50% of the kids received new cars for their birthday- if I saw one more Convertible Cabriolet in the parking lot with a bow on it I knew I would vomit.

I did inherit my "own" car.... much to my sibling chagrin - see they had to share the Ford Grand Tornino with my parents ( I think) Where as my mom bought a new car and "gave" me the Honda... Why...I had to be in the pool Mon-Fri AM by 5:15am and I think she was just plain tired of by all means here is a car!

My kids are "spoiled" in some sense as they get to share a new Kia Soul...hold the applause. JD drove the 1999 Infiniti QX4 for 1+ years....225,000miles and that car was a gem. Really, few problems and we got our money’s worth- but we decided it was time to sell it before the next repair was more than the car was worth. The Kia was cheap... we bought it with 5000 miles on it, 100k bumper to bumper warranty- really how can we go wrong.

So I new car for Riley but what was her gift....Ombre - you ask what is Ombre....please you are so out of it - Ombre" literally means gradation in French, which refers to the dark-to-light fade of color that is used in the technique. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end. Riley has wanted to die her hair for a solid year....and I simply said no.

1- once you start you have to keep it up or have ugly roots
2- or you keep doing it on your own and trash your hair
3- you have no $$ how will you keep this up
4- no, no are 15!!!

this is not Riley but gives you the gist of Ombre

She showed me what Ombre was... (this is not Riley by the way) and I considered it as she would not have roots. But I was not paying for it- she did the research and found it was she dropped it and then found a "good deal" at the beauty school- um no..... not a good place to get a good deal. Few days of attitude and then it was forgotten.

So I decided to for once in my life be the cool mom surprise her and get it done. It was a great guessing game as to where she was going.... and she was shocked, elated and loved it.

So I am now one of those reality shows... died my daughters hair for her birthday! She loves it, I am happy we did it!

Okay full confession.... we are at the Paradise Point for the night with her friends- Bungalow Suite and my adjoining room. Over the top..... or perk of my job- they are loving it- a day at the pool and the beach. We filled the car with drinks, food and snacks...and they are having a blast. I brought dinner and they invited me to stay and now they are off in the Jacuzzi, bonfire at 9:30 with s'mores and then a big slumber party.

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