Monday, August 8, 2011

More of the same....

Heading to Vegas for 3 days of heat training and girl fun!   Rolling out with Beth and picking up Jen later tonight- we have a condo in Lake Las Vegas and the plan is meet up with Noko and Brian and roll at 6am for a 70is mile ride on the Vegas 70.3 World Champs course... eat and recover a bit and hit the 50 meter pool for a long swim session and then its RnR!

Wednesday we hit the run course early...beat the heat and since it is 3 loops and we are varied runners- Beth being wicked fast, Jen really fast, Noko fast and me well, anyway. we will probably run laps and reconvene at the end.  Hit the pool again and then avoid the heat.

Thursday we are riding again and hitting the road!  Going to be fun, fun, fun!!!

Last few days have been about and hanging with JD and John.  Good fun and nice movie time... Movies we have seen- Limitless: highly recommend. Soul Surfer - another thumbs up and Unknown- another good spy movie.   Yes we have nice summer evenings and we should be at the beach, well we did that Thursday, but we are all tired..... weekdays me from working and training, JD is working and up early and is beat and John is putting in long hours- so we are happy to eat outside by the pool and pile on the couch for movies.  

We are all eating the best of summer....more corn. tomatoes every night, Alaskan salmon, grilled chicken and purple potatoes, spinach and lemonade Popsicles for dessert!  Last night I did make cookies for JD- my going way present for him. 

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