Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sometimes I really do work.....

Today was a serious work day, for me anyway.  Not so serious that I had to swim at 6am but serious enough that I had to pack my clothes for business meetings and bring them to swim.  And not so serious that I could not swim and then run before meeting a client at 10:30.  But before you shush me away...I was working last night from 7-10:30pm on my presentation so I could play a bit in the AM.

So I packed up last night- swim gear, run gear and work clothes- took me 3 trips to get all my gear as I kept remembering things I forgot, like underwear, but I finally had it all in the car.   See I used to do this every day, back before I had kids and had a real job in a real office and had to be at my desk by 7 or 7:30 so I was up at 4 and to the gym and off to work.  I was good at it then, well I do remember buying random items at Rite Aid or wherever on the way to work.

But I digress...less than 1 mile from my house in the stop and go school, work traffic I am stopped and the lady behind me was go and WHAM right into my bumper....I swear the car did a bunny hop.  Holly crap that was loud and scared me big time!  I had a cup of coffee in the cup holder, no lid and holy cow that coffee traveled all over the car and all over me. Thankfully I was drinking iced coffee.  I fly out of my car, in a rage, until I see the girl who hit me and she is freaking out on the phone with her husband who is clearly yelling at her enough for the both of us. insurance, take photos- nothing too major, car is driveable, but my baby is not damaged....sniff, sniff.  Once I do the accident work it takes 5+ baby wipes to clean up the coffee and milk ALL OVER my car.  I am getting a full detail job out of the insurance company because there is coffee in  places I cannot access and I know the next hot day, my car is going to smell!!

I have a headache but all in all I am feeling fine and go on with my day. I am feeling good about my planning and having all my stuff ready for a long day of work. Well that is until I realize I don't have a towel to dry off with....nothing like a shower and using a hand dryer and paper towels- you know it is a really good friend when you friend offers a towel- Thanks Jen!

I am just about dressed for work and I pull out my shoes and think something is wrong...terribly wrong. I have 2 right shoes....2 different right shoes. Oh crap...I am thinking can I wear them anyway, my pants are long- but wait I cannot wear a right shoe on my left foot-  Ahhhh panic.   Wait I have 30 minutes and Jen says there is a Marshalls near by.  Off I go and discover DSW....holy cow, thousands of shoes and 99% of them have stiletto heels and are suicidal to an earthy chick like me. I ask the sales woman, where are the Born, Clarks etc kind of shoes. She takes me to the back corner where 5 pairs of shoes sit gathering dust....this tells  me how un-fashionable I really am.  And to make it worse...I own most of what is sitting there. She suggests some nice sandals- right suicidal all of them.  Another sales person checking me out leads me to one pair of Born Sandals and they have my name on them!  Success Zoot pink running shoes off and sandals on and I off to a day of work.....

Great day. 3 meetings and I was home by 6:30 for dinner with JD and Riley!

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