Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer has arrived with an attitude.....

  Okay so Saturday when we rode it was overcast and drizzling.  Wet and misty for most of the ride,  6 hour ride, 3 20 oz bottles and my arm coolers were more like arm warmers.  We saw the sun for 1 hour up around Lake Wolford but as soon as we dropped down in elevation and headed West back to the overcast, cool temps.  

Now this is really comfortable weather for living and training. Overcast and cool in the AM and sunny and mid 70's in the afternoon.  Not great for the beach ( but the kids have been gone anyway) but great for training.  Well great unless you are training for a hot, humid race. And last time I checked it was hot and humid in Kona.  

After a lot of reading and taking a webinar I learned you can get acclimated to the heat in 10 days and most likely end of September it will be hot.  But seriously we need some heat to begin the process, to remember what it is like to ride with sweat pouring down your face, to remember how much water I need to guzzle, how much salt, how hard it is to take in calories in the heat....etc.

Well I got my wish ( I think I wished for it)   Monday woke up to sunny skies and I knew it was going to be hot.   I usually need a long sleeve or even a sweatshirt to walk Zen at 6.  I rolled out to run with him and it was warm...after 15 min he was overheated and looking for the pool.   As the day progressed it warmed up.  So much that around 1pm I had to turn of the solar - the pool was over 90 degrees.   

Tuesday- same thing- warm, early.  Sickie had to move the pace clock to the other side of the pool due to the sun glare- something we have not dealt with since April I think.  After swim Jen and I headed out for a 90 minute run and we were dying...running up TPines, pouring sweat- feeling summer! 

As if that was not enough, after early swim we headed out East,  Time for a little Great Western Loop.   We rolled around 8:30 and it was a bit cloudy but hot.  Soon the sun emerged and it was Africa hot....over 100 degrees and we are slugging water, pouring sweat and wondering how we are going to run.  Well we wimped out and decided that was enough mid day heat training and hit the air conditioned Starbucks for recovery and decided to run later in the day.

4:00 was 89 degrees in my hood and I was too hot for the I drove the gym and was going to log some treadmill time but then sucked it up and ran outside.  Hot, hot, hot......nice swim and cool down and feeling like I am heat acclimating.  Heart rate is high and pace is slow...but have some time to work on that. 

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