Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Barbara Triathlon...

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What can I was a total blast, had great fun with Danielle, town is beautiful, course was awesome but my race was well flat.  I can dwell on it and get depressed or I can use this as a step in my training and be smart the next 6 weeks between now and Kona!

My heart was not in the race and my legs were not either....That was apparent soon after the bike started so I decided to make it a long training day and enjoy it for what it was.

The weather was chilly- 62 degrees and totally socked in.  The swim was tough- and for a swimmer to say that I can only imagine what it was like for others.  The water temp was 60- so chilly and we swam about about 25 yards and then paralleled the shore for .5 mile and rounded more buoys and swam back through major chop - it was a lot of work.

T1 was slow...rusty, good practice before IM-  and on the bike.  My legs were stiff from the cold and I waited for them to start firing but not happening.  I rode reasonably hard but the power was not there and instead of stressing, I reminded myself this was not an A race and really was for fun!  So when a few girls passed me I tried, really tried to not be bummed out but to take it for what it was. The bike is very fair as you are climbing or descending most of the ride.  Ride was longer than I expected 1- I was well riding slow and 2- was hillier than I thought.  But heck it was not Ironman and I soon on the run.

Here I could tell I had one gear and it was not a fast one.  My splits were slower than a 70.3 and should have been a lot faster, So I made it a nice 10 mile temp run after a solid ride.   Hard to really be disappointed running along the ocean and the sun was just coming out.

It was soon over....15 minutes slower than anticipated (ouch) but the finish was fun - in the sand on the beach and I was so excited to wait for Danielle.  This was her 5th triathlon and longest to date- so she was so excited and that kind of energy is infectious.

So when the race is not what you is good to focus on what was good! New friend, good road trip, beautiful place and a serious realization of where I am right now!

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