Thursday, August 12, 2010

If anyone has seen my legs....

So big volume is awesome!!  I finished the week tired but not decimated and ready for a few days off.  Generally I am reluctant to take 2 days off but I have say I relished Monday and Tuesday!

Wednesday I had a big swim and run....Big swim was fine - 4500 meters with some hard efforts and all was fine.  Run was to follow the swim and well let's just say I somehow rationalized Starbucks was a better option with the full intent of running after that.  Then I had work to do and let's just say I was very busy.   I was dreading the run- good sign that I should not have attempted it.  I am eager for most workouts....when I am not eager- I need to listen.  Well nevertheless I headed out around 3 and my legs were fatigued. Maybe because of the time off?  Maybe I needed a few miles to warm up....maybe I have so much fatigue they need more time off?  Bingo....sauntered home and called it a day.

So back in the pool today and logged nearly 5000meters.   Distance day and I was feeling it.  So I am committed to big swim volume tomorrow as well and then will see if my legs are eager to ride and run on the weekend.   Letting it all soak in I guess....really listening to what my body is saying and look forward to ramping it back up next week.

In the meantime I will reek of chlorine and have google marks all day!

More importantly......tomorrow I pick up Riley!!  I am so excited to see her again and hear about her 3 week adventure.  I so hope she had the time of her life.  

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