Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cobb Salad.....or saddle

So wanna make the guy at the bike shop laugh....ask him if he will put a Cobb Salad on your bike and how much will it cost? 

I I have a love/hate and most recently a hate/hate relatinship with the Adamo saddle- really compfortable but has the possibility to give horrible saddle sores. So after the last eruption I had enough.

I have read and seen and asked a lot about the Cobb Saddle.  After a big week of training and cyling I made an iplulse buy and ordered one.  It arrived 2 days later and I was so excited.  I took it to HiTech bikes as I was in the neigborhood and asked the tech with a straight face if he could please put the Cobb Salad on my bike.  He looks dead pan back and says excuse me?  I repeat Cobb Salad.  I then realize my error and laugh uncotrollobaly....oh well maybe you had to be there.  But ever since I heard the name of the saddle I say salad and then laugh hysterically to myself about the idea of sitting on blue cheese, eggs and the like. 

I get a call later and he says my salad is ready!  Love the humor and then he asks why I have my powertap mount upside down.  Um.....well don't really know. Gee nothing like feeling like a complete moron.   So today.....when I put the computer on it slipped right in and I was not wondering why the fit was such a challenge.  Gee- right side up is helpful.

So the ride today was good....a new saddle is good and bad. New pressure points - good as they do not inflame the healing saddle sores and bad - well new pressure points.  But all in all I think I like it. 5 hours on it today and I feel if only the rest of me felt so good.

Considering the monster week I had and the big one before that I feel pretty darn good.  I was dead tired Thur after my 3x5 and Friday was an easy day. Saturday, other than getting up at 3am to get JD to the airport, I was feeling pretty good.  Long run went smashing!  Started very conservatively for the first 1/3 and the picked it up to IM HR and pace for the 2nd 1/3 and was noticing I was feeling pretty good.  Knocked back a Pineapple GU Rocktane (serioulsly love that stuff) and kicked it up a knotch.  Last 1/3 was strong and I was excited!!!

Other than the fact I laid down at 5:30 to take a nap before going to party and well woke up at 9pm and realized I was down for the night.  Went back to sleep and woke up at 7am. Gee 13+ hours of sleep....maybe I was a week bit tired.  Felt good though!  And boy was I hungry....good motivation to get out of bed.

Leisurely AM- no rush to hop on our bikes since Riley is floating out somplace in the Pacific on a Tall Ship and JD is safely in Ecuador.   Nice phone call from him last night....Mom I made it here and it is really cool.  Small down, 2 lane roads, no traffic lights and very NOT San Diego. We are headed out for some food- going to eat the local delicacy....

  Yes indeed he was going to eat some guinea pigs....well I guess when in Rome!

So we rolled out of here around 8:30 and I was open to cutting the ride short- my legs are toast.  But we started easy and headed up the coast and soon got off the coast since it is summer and the crazies are all over.  We rolled through Elfin and went inland.   Did not have a Double Shot meltdown today but when I was bonking I did get some Pineapple Horchata (Horchata or orxata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts) It was sooooo good and was the boost I needed to ride the last hour!

Success big week #2 is done!!! And this week is a recovery week- hooray.

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