Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 1/2 weeks is a long tine and not a long time....

Holy shit we are 8 1/2 weeks from Kona!  On the one hand I am feeling like I could race next month  but on the other hand my run is not where I want it to be. Broken record.....same story but what do I do to change that- gee I logged 15 hours last week on the bike, hard to lift run fitness with that.

I sat down to write a plan from now until race day....writers block, pain in my legs, aching and cranky. Gee the light went on- I am need in some serious recovery and now it a good time to do it.  1- I have time 2- I need it.  I went to see KP for some ART and I was like a car long overdue for a tune up.  There were so many pops and pain spots it was a marathon session but it was fantastic. And then I picked his super knowledgeable and grounded brain on how to approach the next 8 1/2 weeks.  I had laid out some preliminary weeks and key workouts and I just love his questions- what is your goal for that?  Uh...let me get back to you?  And are you planning any Kona specific rides? Aero, NOT major hill rides?  Race specific. Uh, let me get back to you.... so many good questions and the little voice inside me saying hey now is a good time to take a recovery week, was validated.  Seriously- 2 days off followed by target HR and Power that is so low I may not even break a sweat.  I may have to walk my bike up Torrey tomorrow to keep them in check.

But I am committed to this - get whole, let the weeks of hard work soak in, and then build from there.  Waking up with aching and a sore body is an indication that recovery is needed.  I am all about recovery when I train alone- the key for me is can I stick to MY plan when riding with the girls on Saturday, Can I fall off the back, stay in  my own zip code.....yes, yes I can!!!

And I miss my kids!! Riley is floating out in the Pacific, swimming with dolphin, whales and who knows what else.  2.5 weeks and I seriously miss her.  I miss the blasting Lady Gaga, the vibration every second for the 3000+ text messages she sends a month, I miss her wit and her company.  I cannot wait to pick her up on Friday!!! I just hope she had the time of her life.

Meanwhile JD is far away....the Galapagos is a long way away.  We did get an email from one of the chaperone's and all is going well. They finished their first day in the school teaching English and were playing soccer with the kids and exploring in the afternoon.  The fact there were going Salsa Dancing with the locals is quite interesting...that I am eager to hear more about.  He is gone for another week!

My non Tri friends ask if John and I are going out at night, living it up....sadly we are relishing in the fact we can go to bed at 8 and not be shamed by the kids.....


  1. you are doing the right thing! recovery is key. and yes- kona specific rides- we must put a couple on the horizon.
    i will help you stay in your zip code on saturday- lots to chat and catch up about!

  2. You have got it figured out. If it makes you feel anymore validated I'm feeling the need for some recovery too.

  3. Recovery is a good thing! And you're right, on one had 8 1/2 weeks seems like a long way off, but then again, it seems like a blink of an eye. Definitely hope to meet up with you in Kona.

    Happy Training.