Friday, July 2, 2010

Riley turns 14...

Gasp...2 kids in high school and my "baby" is now 14.  We had a nice relaxing birthday at home with family.   She planned to spend the day at the beach with friends - but well thanks to extreme June gloom and the persistent marine layer, they went ice skating and shopping as well.

Summer as been so great for us!  No school is as much of a stress relief to the kids as to us as well.   Not having to worry about homework, upcoming tests, managing time etc.   So  very nice.  Kids have been around and having fun.  We play cards most nights and I am the one to bail out- see I still get up at 5 to train but they get to sleep in.  In any case we are blessed they are seem happy to be with us and we can all enjoy each others company.

Most of last week was spend taking an intensive online SCUBA Certification Course.   Amazing when they are motivated about something how 5+ hours a day of learning, taking notes and tests is not a big deal.   They did pool dives yesterday and open water dives today and then they are official!

After our trip to Tahoe and CO, Riley is headed on a 3 week Tall Ship sailing adventure along the Channel Islands off the coast of CA. She will learn to sail the vessel, study Marine Biology, do some camping and exploring on the islands and will have the opportunity for a lot of Scuba diving.  Should be an incredibly exciting adventure for her.  1 duffel bag, no electronics and a lot of fun!!  Perfect way to finish off the summer.

JD is headed to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador  for 10 days of teaching English to young kid and having a bit of adventure and fun as well.   He loves to travel and we want him to get a glimpse of how most of the world lives, less fortunate than us by far!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing :)
    I'd love to do what JD is doing!! Teaching english during the best Galapagos tours, that would be great!!!!
    how he got that job? do you know?