Thursday, July 8, 2010

On our way....

Packed up and ready to roll by 9am as planned and JB and I hit the road for our 1st stop - Mammoth.  Uneventful drive and nice to hang with my hubby for a bit.  We rolled into Mammoth by 3pm and it was sunny (not like San Diego) and much cooler than Bishop (97 degrees)  Comfortable 84 degrees and wonderful mountain air.  

It was tempting to camp at Convict Lake (okay not really tempting - camping always sounds like so much fun but having camped twice in the last month - it is fun, but it is exhausting.  I just don't sleep well on the hard ground, up at 5:30 (same time as at home) but having woken up 5+ times the night before just does not bode well for feeling well rested.   So we headed to Mammoth Lakes proper and cruised about. There is a funky hotel at the base of Canyon Lodge - the Austria Hof and I always wanted to stay there skiing- 1- walking distance to the lift 2- hot tub on the 3rd floor overlooking the mountain (very desirable after skiing all day) 3- cool outdoor patio bar.  So we called and for $99 secured a great room overlooking the Mountain.

We are officially on vacation!!  I headed up stairs for some "work" and soon was so overwhelmed with fatigue I found myself in bed at 4pm and sound asleep.  30 minutes later I am waking up a bit confused and realize my husband still is not in the room.  Bless him - he was finishing up a 2 hour antenna install on the car.  

We are now starving and head to town and check out the local bike shop and ended up a local spot for dinner. Nothing like BBQ in the Mountains- Hard Cider, BBQ and  that was a terrific launch to our vacation. 8:00 and ready for bed! This is definitely vacation :)  

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  1. sounds like a blast! you guys are going to kill the death ride! have a great vaycay!