Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 Star to 5 Stars

So we have been in Mammoth, South Lake Tahoe and working our way to Colorado. But I have a bit of business that needs to be done. One of my clients is interested in the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe so I volunteered to check it out- I know big sacrifice from my vacation.

This morning we left the lumpy bed, tiny room, bathroom across the hall and I had to (sadly) drop John at the airport as he has to go home and work and I drove to North Lake Tahoe.  No desire to ride, run or swim so I am taking the day off- coach (me) says so.  I found a terrific Farmers Market in Tahoe and wandered around for a long time and just enjoyed the mountain air, ate volumes of grapes and roasted nuts and finally bought the NY  Times and a latte and hung in the shade. Serious vacation!! 

So I drive up to the Ritz and it is mid mountain at Northstar and is stunning! 

Having to work here is really not too shabby....Wonderful room and I am so thrilled for wi-fi, phone service and some down time.  I laid low and relaxed....early dinner and was in bed by 8pm.  Love the black out curtains.

10 hours later I was up and bright eyed!  Went for a painful run in the mountains but so very scenic.  Few hours of work and was going to hit the road but really wanted to take a spin and check out the area.  Well the problem with being mid mountain is that I rode 4 miles downhill and then cruised into Truckee which is quite a cool town- for some reason I thought it was a podunk town but it is really nice.  Snagged an iced coffee and rode back.  I was thinking my legs were feeling pretty good until I started the 4 mile 2100 ft climb....okay, a bit sore from the Death Ride.

Glad I did the run+ ride...because then had to hit the road and make my way to Boulder. Since my travel buddy and husband had to fly home I was solo.   Drive was manageable.....talked to a lot of people, listened to 5 podcasts, book on tape, 4 Starbucks stops, a lot of pumpkin seeds, grapes and a menagerie of other snacks.   Rolled into Park City, UT and found a great hotel for the night.   7 hours to Boulder.... yeah

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