Thursday, November 5, 2009

work, work.....

good day for work!!! fantastic HPN opportunity with a new client - great call with a prospective company and am working on the proposal and hoping to fly to seattle for a face to face meeting. very exciting.

exciting for new website is nearly done. working on text and a few changes before it launches. I am so excited... the site is going to be great and have a web forum and room for cool articles, reviews and be very interactive. met with a good friend today who is a trainer and coach and hoping we can do some co-marketing and help each other. it's all good....

went for a nice, well not so nice ride. rode john to work and was dealing with issues with sram red again! not shifting well and frustrated. my patient husband was adjusting and adjusting the rear derailleur trying to true it up. well one time it was not adjusted well and i put too much pressure when starting up and the gear slipped and i went down on my sore ankle and skinned up my knee pretty badly. did not seem that bad until I got to KP's (who was working on my tendons) and he cleaned up the wound only to find a nice hole in there. so much that is bled through 2 band aids by the time i got home. well maybe this is my 3rd calamity and all will be healthy again.

stopped at black mtn bikes on my way home and they worked out all my issues so riding home was nice.....when it rides well, it well rides well. had a little fun pedaling up black mountain road toward the 15. as i approached the climb saw 2 bikes ahead and decided to go for it and worked my way steadily toward them....was working hard and cruised by and dropped them nicely. always love it when you hear expletives from the guy you are passing....he, he, he. enjoyed the push mr. specialized roubaix and trek whomever you were. I was fricking dying...had to hold the pace until the left turn. legs burning, power and hr spiked but it was all good.

stunningly beautiful day....felt like fall riding with my arm warmers. cooled off nicely this evening which makes for the best sleeping weather, chilly nights. love it!!! looking forward to a nice swim in the am and hopefully another run, carefully, i will run and stay upright.

had the best and simplest dinner....rice, organic re fried black beans, roasted tomatoes and roasted corn all heated up in a pot and spread on tortillas for burritos. a touch of cholula sauce and it was divine. oh and did i tell favorite, favorite food item is in stock. egg nog. love it , love it, love with brandy but i even love to have it over ice (virgin style) with nutmeg. so, so good.....used to be for christmas but now it comes out during halloween- okay by me.

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