Sunday, November 29, 2009


As we went to bed Thursday I was complaining that I am tired of the summer like weather. I want winter, cool temperatures. Time to wear socks, sweaters and feel a change in seasons. Plus we are headed to Australia in 2.5 weeks and it is summer down under and I want to appreciate the warm weather.

Friday AM it is chilly....but is has been chilly. We we up early to run? no bike? no swim? no. Shop? yes. The big shoppers we are (not) we of course headed to Pearl Izumi at 7am for the 40% off sale. Most fit shoppers you will ever see. Store was filled with cyclists and triathletes alike. Nothing for JB but I scored some nice winter gloves, regular gloves and a great base layer. Huge deals and savings on gear I love, but don't need. So I used great will power and we left. Home to change into shorts as it was warming up. Off to the 1st soccer game of the tournament and game was a tie. Game 2 was at Westiview- nice and convenient. 4:00 game and I elected to bring a sweatshirt. Well by the end of the game the cold front had come in and I was freezing....home to sweats. sweater. big socks and blanket. Yeah!!!

Up early Saturday for a very chilly run in the rain and wind. Legs are stiff from Thursday...after looking at my powerfile our Thanksgiving ride was a freakin hammer fest and considering I mostly rode alone I manged to hammer myself. Run felt good though, legs loosened up and my ankle felt the best it has since my sprain on Halloween. I think it is nearly healed. Did not swell much after so it's all good.

Headed to JD's game and it was freezing...okay so winter is more fun when inside drinking tea vs bundled up and sitting at a soccer game. But really, I did like it- coats, gloves, hat and an excuse for Starbucks. Game was a loss....not going so well. Game 2 was even colder but it was a win! Yee haw, we advance and get to play early Sunday morning in the semi finals.

Meanwhile we are bundling up and watching movies at night and loving the vacation....but I did get my massive Quick Books project done. Caught up year to date. I am not letting that lapse again. Commitment to reconcile every month so I don't have to spend another weekend on accounting.

So my training week was supposed to be a week off with possible 30 minute spin or run. So I was pretty much off but slipped in a 4 hour hammer ride and then a 1:15 hilly ride 2 days later. I say to coach that is almost a week off.....not so much in his eyes. I say how about swim Monday (only swim) and a ride Tue (oh and by the way the ride is GWL). He replies I would like to see 7 days totally off. I reply, GWL will not be a hammerfest and even forward him Brian's message that Tuesday's ride is his birthday ride and will not be a hammerfest- it says so in writing. I am hoping this gets me the "go ahead to ride" See I am traveling Wed- Friday and will not be training much (maybe an early run before I fly on Wed) but working I want to do something. Have to love KP- he tries and I negotiate and we compromise - well kind of. Actually yes- my plan for this weekend was a massive training week, little work, time off, more training....but I only did that 2 days and ate, slept, drank coffee all the other days. Sleeping until 7 and then getting up for coffee, walking the dogs and then back to bed is absolute luxury. Until about 8:30 and I am totally stir crazy and have to get up.

Kids are wiped out...preparing to head back to school tomorrow- poor JD is wiped out - 4 soccer games, hard games and then lacrosse this afternoon. He stood in our 56 degree pool for 10 minutes after lacrosse - simulating an ice bath for his very, very sore legs. Usually offer a long tournament his club team has practice off, but tomorrow is HS soccer and no day off. So he needs to freshen up and be ready for a full week of soccer- with his first game on Tuesday. He fell dead asleep on the couch at 7:00 reading. Riley had lacrosse today as well but is mostly tired from all the socializing..movies, shopping, sleep overs can really wear out a girl. Hey it's vacation. She did spend 90 minutes on Algebra review today with JB so she her brain got some stimulation and will not go into shock tomorrow in school.

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