Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vacation....kind of anyway

Kids are out of school and it feels like vacation.... quiet week at work which is great. Kids are enjoying well deserved down time. As busy as they are it is good to take the pressure off, have no schedule and regroup. Whenever I think, no school, I think, where can we go? Buy the kids both said they want to chill, hang out and well with a HS Soccer Scrimmage tonight and a tournament this weekend, it's good we are here.

I need this week to recover from the weekend....busy is good, over scheduled and crazed is not so good. But it was the last weekend for Club Soccer for JD and regular season lacrosse for Riley. We should resume our usually busy schedule now.

I say that but 12/2-6 I am traveling for work to
Puerto Rico, John leaves for Australia on the 12th, my company annual meeting is 12/13-15 and the kids and I leave the 16th for Australia. In between we have tournaments for soccer, lacrosse, and a few weeks of school. I recently asked the kids (well this weekend) if they felt like they were doing too much and there was a resounding NOOOOOO! They are old enough to know.

Training....what training. KP says I am tired, so okay, I will concur. Never took a real break after the season and it is catching up with me. While the weekend was exhausting with the kids I did not train- easy to do when I am busy from sun up to sun down. Monday, forced day off, was tough. But I did it!! Today I fell off the "take a break from training" wagon. It is John's birthday and what do we do on birthdays, we ride GWL. I rode GWL today out of dedication to my husband and commitment to my marriage. Right? Right!! It was so fun....chilly at the start and we rode with R and I. Warmed up by Lyons Valley and was stunningly clear and sensational. Post ride, we had gluten free birthday muffins (yum ;) John went to work and I did a short run with R and I.

Tomorrow day off....promise! Big work day. Time off is hard....coach says it's best to take time off by choice vs. taking it off not by choice. Which I strongly agree with. Last time I was forced to take time off I went to Europe for 3 weeks and the time before that I went skiing in Aspen. Hmmmmn maybe I should have gone away over the break. Well when you think about time off., it's all relative right?? Okay here comes the rationalization. So when you are used to training 7 days a week and you only train 4 days a week, that is time off right? Okay....maybe not. I'm trying here- concerted effort.

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