Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too much camp.....

Went to bed Sunday feeling motivated and eager for the week and woke up Monday tired and a bit over trained....gee, Ironman weekend camp was a bit more than I am used to. Not to mention 12 miles on the sprained ankle- ouch.

gotta love the off season...alarm goes off to swim- uh NO- instead slept in and made waffles for the kids before school. Much better- food, coffee and sleep. Took the day off and tried to get some serious work done- after all if I'm not training I need to take the time and energy and work, so I can train more, race more and spend more $$$ on the sport- oh yes and save more money to retire some day as well.

FB update on Monday says a few are riding GWL on Tuesday, I write back, no thanks recovering from camp. My 7pm I am thinking about going, debating it and ok well packing to go ride. It's like a drug out there- if others are riding I cannot pass it up. I wrote back I was a maybe. But there I was 7am at Sloan Canyon, the issue was it was 40 degrees. R had an awesome idea, drive to Starbucks have a coffee and wait 30-40 minutes. We rolled at 7:40 and it was 10 degrees warmer and warming by the minute. Awesome ride- rode much harder than planned but PE was good, company was great and it was a good time. Until I realized the car was not at Sloan Canyon and we had another 20 min to get to the car and there was a head wind. Lots of work and we shared the load pulling....Pulling the train into the wind was 50-60 watts higher then when I cycled back for a rest. Amazing what a group can do. Transition run- no- why? not fun to run in a strip mall, ankle is a bit sore and well, its the off season.

Up today and off to the pool- Wed is test set day. Last Wed we did 11x100@1:40 and I rocked the set- held 1:11's/1:12's and finished off with a 1:10. Today was 12 and on the first one I knew it was not a good day. I roll in at 1:16 and think ok, I will ease into these- harder I push and maybe gained 1 second. Absolutely pathetic- put paddles and buoy on for 7-12 and worked for a steady pace. Amazing, 1 week and significant difference in the pool. Stroke was off, no feel for the water and kicking induced ankle pains. Plan was to run for 30 after swim, well I ran for 14 min. Just not there for me so I drove to Starbucks and parked as far away as possible- can that be a run, hoofing it from one end of the parking lot to another?

When not trying to learn Joomla. The program for my new site The new site is up... well the shell and now I have to add content- web guy says it's easy....well for him maybe and for you maybe. for me....ugh- it's not just like Word, if it was it would be Word. It is kind of like word. So I am trying..... I want to shout to all- check out the site, join and contribute, but well I have one article and clothing to sell. Priority.....yes and I am so far behind in Quick Books I am afraid to download the last, um 5 I put it off and what - hope for the QB fairy???? I know, this weekend!!!

Except this weekend we have a lacrosse tournament, soccer game, 2 days of driving JD to ref soccer, lacrosse practices, soccer victory dinner and lacrosse year end party. Right, I can work on QB after 8pm.

So the exciting news is JD's competitive soccer team won the division....very cool Division Champs and that means we, well they, move up to the next level. Hard work, awesome coaching and a committed group of boys. I'm thinking playing in Spain this summer is what did it! On the soccer front, stressful time for JD- this week is high school soccer tryouts- over 75 players trying out for 25 spots on JV. One would think playing competitively for so long would make him a shoe in...but well so have all the other boys. Mon/Tue was fitness, scrimmages and starting tonight they begin cutting players. I asked him to text me before I pick up the carpool- need to know what transpired...So stressful but a great lesson in life- not everyone makes the team ( in anything we do really.)

okay injury update before I go..... pinky finger- bruising and swelling gone. 90% of the time no pain- painful to reach the shift button - thus many non caps and about once a day I hit it on something and am reminded with shooting pain that yes there is a fracture that is not healed. For the most part I just let if hang out there and try not to use it. Ankle is mildly swollen- tender to run so thinking I should back off until really healed. Still some bruising in foot and morning time is tight and super painful as I stumble out of bed and try to not fall over Rocky. Knee- still big scab....10 days, yep it was a deep one. That's all for now - no pictures sorry.

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  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who felt like they were hit by a semi truck after camp! Good luck with the training, and of course on May 1.