Thursday, November 12, 2009

St George...

great drive today to SG with a new friend TB. we piled in and we packed up with 4 bikes- tough fit on the rack. We brought KP's bike so we were weighed down. fun road trip....found 3 starbucks along the way for caffeine and gas and we manged to chatter away about everything....triathlon, politics, religion, sex, dating... you name it. great fun and time went quickly.

St. George is beautiful...small town for sure. We are at the luxurious Holiday Inn. Really not so bad. Casual dinner and met the other campers. Great intro by Gordo and we all had to give our 1 minute pitch and tell what we wanted to learn or get from the camp. Cool to have Chris McDonald here with us - Pro from Boulder, IM Wisconsin course record holder and his wife Marilyn who is a female pro cyclist. Great group of people, seems to be all levels. Couple in their late 50's from LA and she did her first tri at 50.

Early to bed as we are meeting at 6:30 and off to the pool for a big swim.....and then a small but hilly ride.

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