Friday, November 20, 2009

off season...really

So whenever I end my season, I say that as if I have have 100's, frankly this is my 3rd tri season and 2nd Ironman season, but it seems like a lot more. You race and are at the top of your fitness and the idea of losing it is devastating. All that hard work and then to build up to it again. I mentally say (always- all 2 years that is) I am NOT backing off, going to keep up a long run, ride and moderate training so I don't lose fitness. So the first few weeks are great and then the alarm goes off and um don't feel like getting up, or the coach gives a set that well don't really feel like doing and the workouts slip.... skipping here and there and shortening as well. Soon the 5 hour ride is 3 hours and well that is a good base right, the run is an hour...and well here I am,

Did an awesome block on training in Utah and since then- day off, 2 swims, 2 rides and zero- yes zero runs. The runs I do have an excuse- ankle is swollen and stiff. KP says let the darn thing heal- its off season, no need to push it and well since I always listen to coach (hee, hee) I am letting it heal. When the desire drops, it is convenient to follow orders.

I have to say it is so liberating to get out 45 minutes into Masters because I hate breastroke. I am in the showers feeling empowered and of course guilty. The guilt overtakes me as I already know I am not running, even though my shoes and gear are in my bag, it's not going to happen. So I get back in the pool and completely discard the work out, do my own set in my own lane and get out feeling satisfied. I find it amusing that I still put on my running shorts, top and shoes and head out to the car. I move the car from USCD, come on pay for parking to run too- no thanks, and I head for my usual post run spot. I exit the highway and get right back on, come on who am I kidding. Looking at it now the perspective is quite funny. So I went to Starbucks, got coffee, read email, picked up groceries for dinner and came home.

Sick minded... we really are.

Good news on the JD front- he successfully secured a spot on the JV HS Soccer team. Whew...he was elated and thank goodness- his hard work, good decisions (despite some unprofessional pressure from another coach) and unwillingness to quit all paid off. Sports offer life lessons....everything from setting goals, politics and no not everyone wins or has a place on the team. We celebrated with Cool Cravings Yogurt- nothing like $18 worth of yogurt and toppings before dinner. That was dinner for Riley but when you are 15, well you still have room for dinner.

My current dilemma is shoes....not fancy, styling shoes but cycling shoes. My all time favorite Peal Izumi Tri Shoe is no more and my pair is shot- stretched out and now causing hot spots. I went back to Shimano (my first tri shoes) and bought the latest and greatest a few weeks before Hawaii. Felt great in training and not until about 4 hours did I get flaming hot spots, cramming and utter misery. Nice that I found that out during Ironman, Total rookie move...never try anything racing that you have not tried in training....duh. I had enough problems that day, this was just one more.

Since returning I have cursed them and bought 3 other pair...2 pearl isumi and 1 shimano. None held up to walking around the house- not comfortable, too small, not right - I am starting to feel a bit like Goldilocks. One could argue that Cinderella may be a better Fairy Tale reference since it is a shoe issue, but Goldilocks wanted her bed to be "just right" Kind of like how I want my shoes. But it's not like I can ride 100 miles (not that I am doing that any time soon) and then decide if the shoe is right and return them - there is not a Road Runner Shoes in the cycling world, Hey not a bad idea. In any case....dogs just went nuts, doorbell rang, UPS guy hurls the box onto the doorstep and runs ( we have a screen door and Zen is barking full tilt- the funny thing is, he is laying in a chair- not jumping at the door, actually curled up in a chair) So the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly III not so sure....wearing them at my desk but not sure if they are the right pair.

Thinking about going for a run....right like that will happen. Maybe a little work is in order.

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