Wednesday, November 4, 2009

good week.....

ankle is feeling good.....swelling is nearly gone and the fluid has dropped to my foot. so I have a fat, swollen, bruised foot, but it does not really hurt. well until I went swimming and the kicking motion, hold sh$% nearly screamed, that aggravates the ankle/foot. so ended up pulling most of the workout today.

had an awesome ride yesterday... group of us met at sloan canyon and did gwl was hot, hot. we regrouped at the car, refilled bottles and e, j and I headed out for loop 2. I could not do the entire loop as i had to get home for a conference call, so i climbed up to the beekeepers and when they turned right i turned around - good ride 4:08. other than being really hot it was great. took a nice shower under the tree and was in my car and headed home. could have used more salt but it's all good.

after my swim today i headed to the gym (safety zone) to test out my ankle running. i ran on the treadmill and with my brace it did not hurt at all. kept the run to 4 miles but felt fine. so now if i can stay on my feet i should be okay. the pinky is coming along nicely (still hard to use when typing, hence the small letters- the left shift key is too painful and cannot be reached easily with my ring finger)

jd is 90% healthy and no one else in the house is showing signs of illness...thank goodness, let's keep it that way.

love the light in the mornings due to the time change. it is so much easier to get up and going at a reasonable time. dark by 5:30 is a drag, but given a choice, will take the mornings.

looking forward to our ironman camp next weekend in st george, ut. gordo byrne and KP are putting on the camp and it should be great. we are rolling out thursday am and will be there in time for dinner and opening talk. friday we ride 5 miles to the pool, reservoir is too cold to swim in this time of year, for a big swim and then an optional ride up snow canyon. 12 mile climb but supposedly moderate and beautiful, so will have to give it a go. saturday we ride the 2 loops of the IM course and am really looking forward to that. am eager to see how tough it is and practice pacing the 2 loops. sunday we run 1 loop of the course- 13 miles and i hear it too is very hilly, so again will be good recon to learn what is needed to prepare for the race. ironman st george 5/1/2010!

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