Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking control of my bike.....

So I finally did it! I took off my race wheels, cleaned my bike, switched the cassette to my training wheels!! And I am damn proud. John has always done it for me and I decided today that is ridiculous that I am not taking care of my baby....the Kestrel that is. I cleaned the cassette and decided to put the smaller cassette on for training, maybe a bit tough in the beginning, especially I am well feeling very unfit, but will be good in the end.

Had a great run today.....for 30 minutes and then struggled. But hey no one passed me :) Came home and ate, ate, ate...hungry girl I was this morning. Then worked my way onto my bike. Today, I rode alone. No one to make me feel slow, no gadgets to tell me my power sucked and no monitor to tell me my heart rate was too high while I was riding too slow. So just me and my iPod and it was all good. I swear my rear was sore....okay enough whingeing (as they say down under) I had a good ride and was happy to be back on my bike and was motivated to get my Kestrel back in training form as my road bike sucks. Needs a new chain and cassette, hey I replace the cassette- putting on a new chain, maybe my next project. Anyway the old chain and cassette mean that the gears drop and sometimes I cannot get in the big chain ring, oops sorry whingeing again.

Great family night....JD learned a new card game in Spain, called Trump and has been dying to play. So after dinner, the family + Riley's friend learned the game. It is quite fun and I particularly enjoyed the game as I won every hand. The funny part of the game is that after each hand you have a rank- so with 5 people there is President (that was me), 2nd place is VP, 3rd place the middleman, 4th Vice Ahole (nice I know but it was kind of funny) and you got it 5th palce is the Ahole. Mind you this was taught to JD by 15yr olds. We had a good chuckle when Riley blurts out "looks like I'm the ahole again." We then changed the names to Burro and Vice Burro. It was just one of those nights when it all worked so well. Braman was singing away old Simon and Garfunkle songs, the dogs are barking and howling and we are all laughing we practically cried.

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