Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Boulder

Woke up this morning and headed out for another run. Headed up Boulder Canyon and it was stunning and over 3000 ft of elevation gain on the run. I was working hard to keep up with a few girls in front of me. I had to ignore the HR as it was very high, but my PE (perceived effort) was low, which is awesome. I was wiped out, hot, tired and so very thirsty. Lots of Gatorade and food and ready to rock. Got some work done and we headed to Golden. of Colorado School of Mines (where my Sis now works) and Coors Brewing Co.

Nice tour of the office and campus.....a bit of shopping at the bookstore- have to show off CSM back in San Diego and then off to a park. I left 90 degrees in San Diego and today was one of the warmest days of summer in Boulder, nearly 90. Very hot!

After a lunch break at home, we were off to Jamie and Willa's gymnastics class. Viewed that for a bit and then headed for some coffee with K and RM. Picked up the girls and found the Newton Running Retail those shoes, gear etc. Refrained from breaking the bank and headed down Pearl Street. Outdoor Diva's is a rockin store and picked up some nice shorts. Meandered some more and got to University Bikes and picked up my rental bike. Nice rental for my ride with DeRose tomorrow. Bike feels great, stem is too long, but we are planning on a lot of climbing so it should not be an issue.

Big Pasta and Pizza dinner and well fueled for a good ride tomorrow!!!.

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