Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leaving Santa Susanna

We are leaving Santa Susanna today after a fun night with the other parents…. Good dinner and a late night on the patio. The nice thing about the heat is the evenings are very comfortable. The boys were swimming until 10 and then out on the Promenade roaming around. We reeled them back by 11 and they were content playing pool and cards. JD is going to stay with the team as we head off through Spain and work our way to Monaco. He really wants to stay and dragging an angry teenager just does not seem worth it. The team is headed to Girona and another coastal fishing village so he will see a bit more of the country.

Funny how at home I am in bed by 9 or 10 at the latest and now midnight seems early. With dinner at 8:30 it stretches out the evenings.

No games so we all slept until 9 and I went for a hot run along the beach. 90+ degrees and humid. I missed my run last night so had to go this AM. KP says I am still in major recovery so no need to push it. Good as I can hardly get in a run. After 3 days of walking all day I am nearly as sore as I was from Ironman. Crazy.

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