Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Julie was dropped by everyone....

Back training and well...a bit sluggish from the trip, post IM fatigue, hard to say. Up for a nice run with the pups and then met Jen for a short ride. Was suppose to be an hour but pushed it a bit longer as I wanted to see how I would feel. So let's just say, I mostly recall Jen looking back at me, especially on the slightest of a hill, actually I had a hard time keeping up on the speed bumps. She has been rocking doing double Great Western Loops and I have been drinking wine, eating cheese and well not getting any faster. Toward the end of the ride 2 boys cruise by, clearly pushing the pace to pass us, she looks at me and we know we are faster but well, we know Jen was faster today and had to let them go. They soon turned around so the rapid pace was obvious. But not much later....a guy passes us on a Mtn bike in flip flops! I am not kidding and the dude did not have an electric bike. I was dying and not sure I could have gotten out and chased him. Nope stick to my plan, ride easy and don't stress. All is fine and then the 80+ year old guy goes by.....there went my ego. Under the bus, in the gutter, truly pathetic.

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  1. Julie, Julie, Julie,

    You are recovering. You kick butt anytime you are rested. You are just paying your legs back for delivering for you at CDA. None of those jokesters could ride a 5:43 at CDA and run a marathon after. You'll be back. Speed and strength will return.