Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great Western Loop

It has been 3+ months since I have ridden GWL and I went out with a bit of trepidation. Not feeling so strong on the bike, I was wondering would the ride humble me, kick my arse or energize me. Well is did all 3! But mostly reminded me why I love the ride so much. Never have to clip out, minimal traffic and stunning views with very few houses. 50+ miles and over 5000ft of elevation, you gotta love it. I was so envious of the wonderful biking in Boulder and then after riding GWL I am feeling a lot better about San Diego, bottom line, this ride rocks. And you have to love the Descanso Country Store....very, very, well Descanso. Far, far from mainstream San Diego. Ice Cold Starbucks Double Shot and all is good. It was a hot day, 90+ when I got back to my car, but was feeling great and was prepared. Gallon of water in the trunk so I took a nice shower in the parking lot, opened the cooler and was good to go. 7th day of no Starbucks! And today was the hardest, parking in the Starbucks parking lot, suffering on a hot ride and I even used the restroom after the ride. I was drawn to the counter....but pulled away.

Rode early so was home by 11 and back at work. Productive day and fitness is coming back....not where it was. I downloaded the power file and was a bit disappointed but KP says have faith it will come back. I am counting the weeks to Kona and really need it sooner than later if I plan to build on it. Patience, right....

Riley comes home tonight!!! Hooray- miss that girl. Sounds like she is having an awesome time in Boulder with K/J/J/W and even hooked up with a neighbor. That girl has friends all over the US after her summer of adventure.

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