Tuesday, July 28, 2009


They go hand in hand.....taking an evening walk with the dogs before heading to a business function I realize Zen is lagging, what else is new. We are on the trails behind the house and I holler for him, again and then track back now angrily yelling. He comes scurrying out of the brush and then stops to frantically lick his chest/shoulder area. From a distance I see something hanging off him, only to soon learn it is a flap of skin that he caught on a buried barbed wire fence. He is not too traumatized and manages to detour to pee for the 15th time on a random bush. He walks and then stops to lick and work in his wound. Mind you he has already been through the swamp so I am thinking massive bacteria. We work out way home and I rinse him off because the swamp smell reeks and he is still determined to go in the pool. He is very hot and accustomed to swimming after his walk. He jumps in and literally he manages to elevate his entire body off the baja shelf as soon as the chlorine hits his gaping wound. He is looking a bit star struck but I figure the chlorine is good to help cleanse the wound.

Off to the Emergency Vet with JD and John meets us there and I am off to work. This is in a very awkward place and there is no longer enough skin to cover up the triangle tear.....enough graphics I know. So they are going to put him under, clip off the flap and someone stitch up what is left. So much for his next feature as Mr Chocolate Lab in the Calendar of the Month club, as he will surely have a nasty scar. Even dog hair cannot cover this one. So now we are waiting for the call to go pick him up, pay the hefty bill and nurse another loving pet back to health!

Dogs....gotta love them. well you have to love them to no end to continue to foot the bills.

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