Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Rocky and Zen were their usual bounding, happy pups when I returned. Mauling me with licks and wags....But interesting since I have been home for 2 days. Rocky, the very emotional attached dog is somewhat distanced from me. He is definitley letting me know he is pissed that he was left. Zen on the other hand is clingy. Under my feet, under my desk and alwasy near by. Mind you we are having a heat wave and a furry dog touching me is not helping any.

This AM after our run, Rocky decided to forgive me. He ran up, tail wagging and gave me a huge wet kiss as if to say, okay forgiven. Funny how we are back in routine, up early (no more Spain time), out running....etc. With the heat, we have to run early or Zen will not make it. Even at 6:30 he is panting and so hot, has to take a dip in the pool before breakfast.

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