Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday again! sunny day and a reasonably good week.

Health is about 80% and that is a good thing. Went for a nice ride yesterday AM with John and we met Nancy, Scott bailed as he is now sick too. Cruised up to Starbucks and chilled over some coffee and then rode home. Nothing hard, but cleared my head and was a good 2:30 ride.

Great swim this morning! Sprint Friday and I was thinking there was nothing fast in me but was nicely surprised to feel strong in the water and extended my swim to 1:20. May have pushed it a bit with the run after as I could feel the fatigue from my cold, but kept the run easy and all was fine.

Exciting news.....Team Aquaphor offered me a spot on the Sponsored Triathlon Team. Nationwide team, should be pretty cool. Was ready to sign the forms and ErinBaker called, well no Erin but someone from her org who is putting together their Tri Team and I had filled out the application. They will be announcing the team 4/1 so I may just wait and see. Either way I will be racing for a team which is cool!

IM California 70.3 just about a week away, week from tomorrow! Cold should be gone and I hope to be well rested by then. Backing off on the training and hope to be fresh for the race next Saturday. Water is still cold.... 60 degrees, yikes. Hopefully the temp outside will be reasonably warm so it will not be a miserable day out there. KP is more optimistic than I going into this race....he feels I am in a great place to race well. I am not so sure.... with all the time off with my Achilles and being sick this week, it is hard to say. I have to keep reminding myself this is not my A race, this is not the focus of the season. That will come in June for IM CdA.

Busy weekend with kids and their games.... but works out well as this is not a huge training weekend.

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