Monday, March 16, 2009

Training is good....

What a difference a week makes.....within 7 days I go from thinking I am pulling out of Oceanside to thinking I can race well.

Saturday and Sunday were spend freezing in Temecula at JD's soccer tournament....very cold, windy and miserable and they lost all 3 games. Lots of time wasted for mediocre soccer at best. Today's practice was not pleasant.....boys paid the price for slacking off. They have a lot of work to do in 3 weeks before State Cup.

Since we lost, we were home by noon on Sunday. John was with Riley at her game...they won, Riley scored a goal. (shoulda been there) But I was home and went for an outstanding run. 90 minutes and ran up to the top of Black Mountain- beautiful sunny, clear day and a clear view out to the ocean. Spectacular.

Off we went to La Jolla for a dinner with S/N and the kids. So great having family all around, really nice to be in a comfortable groove with everyone!

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