Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's all good

Nice ride on Tuesday....3 hour solid ride, reasonable efforts up with John to his office bode him goodbye and I headed up Scripps Poway Pkwy, through Ramona and down Highland Valley Road - funny there are still remnants of the Tour of CA chalk markings- out through RB and back home. Hooray it was sunny, bad for skin, but fun to ride in after so many cold riding days. I was so shocked when i looked Warm day, not use to that - actually had to stop at the park and fill my bottles. What a luxury to be out riding on Tuesday and enjoying the day.

So so tired last pathetic turning in before the kids, but just could not keep my eyes open. Just for fun I read 1 whole page of my new book- Talent is Overated. Maybe the book is too as I fell fast asleep.....

So dark in the morning, 6am feels, well like 5am. Dark, dark.....but got up and went for a nice early run in the dark with the pups. Spring is coming and the poor rabbits were chased into their dens by the crazed dogs. And once they see 1 rabbit they are on total rabbit alert for the run. Rocky went charging after a Vons bag, poor dog, thought it was a rabbit. He charges the bag and then at the last minute changes course and looks back like "I knew that was a bag the whole time" funny dog....

Off to UCSD for Masters. My sis-in-law joined us today and she got a kick out of swim practice with Sickie. Sickie (coach) come over to me and reports "Nancy is doing fine, she just infomred me she does not speak swim, so I am translating, " Nothing better than breakfast after a run/swim and we met Scott at the Coffee Cup. Managed to pratically lick my plate of the Power Breakfast. Hungry, hungry today.

Great meeting with KM about my new exciting! Jen is the brainchild of the cool name but is not going to run with it. She has great creative ideas for the site and we are going to have great fun with it! KM loves the name and is going to help with the logo and design of the cycling jerseys and tri tops/shorts. I registered the website and am ugh trying to once again launch a site. People are loving the name......and any girl that has ever dropped a boy while cycling will certainly get a smile out of the name. I cannot wait for us to be out riding and hammer by some boys with idropboys on our tooshes! Great fun and we have some very cool ideas for the website- Droppie of the week. The website will be a great playground for good camaraderie and fun for women with a touch of attitude.

Getting ready for the big family am packing a lot of training into the week and I am feeling it. 8pm and I am ready for bed! Big day tomorrow.

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