Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeling Better

Finally.....good health is something to celebrate! Sunday woke up with some energy and went for a nice swim and started on a run, just to see. No AT pain on the run and pulled out a nice 1 hour run along the coast. Beautiful day and although I was tired as was not fueled for an hour, it felt great to be out running.

Rest of the day was an awesome Sunday....reading Malcom Gladwell's bood Outliers and read the majority of it all day crashed in the sun room with the pups. Truly a relaxing Sunday. Kids were with their Dad and came home Sunday night.

Going to rest the AT a few more days and jump on the bike for an easy spin and hope, hope we are good to go. Going to try my road bike and see if the different fit may not aggravate the AT.

Working on a very cool business idea....more to come very soon once the website is secured and I have a few meetings this week.

HPN is busy and am happy about that. My clients are doing meetings, planning and need my help. Keep the paychecks coming to support this ever so expensive habit I have acquired.

Off to walk the dogs and for a nice swim this morning.

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