Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aspen Skiing

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Just returned from 4 fabulous days of skiing in Aspen with my Brother and his family. John, kids and I arrived late Friday and hit the slopes in Snowmass on Saturday by 9:15. Fantastic day of skiing and snowboarding. Sunny and chilly and snow that was fantastic. Riley took a lesson as she is still a beginner and JD and I were together most of the day. Skiing off Big Burn and Sheer Bliss we could ride up together and I could find the black bumpy runs and JD the groomed blacks or blues and meet a the lift. WE put in a full day. Got a call from Riley around 1:30, in tears, she had fallen hard just too many times so John went and picked her up. We hook up with Scott and Nancy around 2pm, slope side at their Condo. JD and I went for a few more runs and ended up at the wrong bottom of the Mtn and lifts were closed. No problem,….jumped on a shuttle to the town center and called a cab. $1 per person and we were back at the Condo by 4:30.

Spectacular Condo! Ski in/out and with 3 stories, 2 master suites and 2 rooms with bunk beds and single beds to max out accommodations. So fun to see Taz (3) and Jax (almost 2) they warmed to Riley within minutes and we all settled in nicely. Big pasta dinner, few games of Scattergories and off to bed and ready for another big day.

5:30am and Riley comes to tell me JD is puking…poor kid, spent the day throwing up and more…all day in bed and miserable. Riley and I head out and she was very tentative going up the Gondola but we had a few good runs and she took a break with Kristen, Taz and Jax. Scott and I found some great challenging skiing off Alpine Springs and High Alpine and then headed back to check on JD. Great to ski with S! Poor JD, he was still hating life! Bummer for him. Found some great skiing after lunch and finished the day with Riley, she was tired but a trooper and determined to get better on her board. Squeezed in a few more runs….just to be good and tired.

Monday JD was about 75% better and hit the slopes with Scott and John. They had an awesome morning while I rode with Riley…by 10am she was off the greens and handling the blues well. She has also committed to taking lessons in the future as she does not want to be left behind any more. Scott and Nancy spend the afternoon with Riley, made her day! Braman and kids in a cab at 3:15 and off to the airport. Great to hang with S/N and the kids. So glad they invited us to come.

Tuesday was the day for Scott and I to head to Aspen Highlands and do some hiking off the top to the peak, Highland Bowls. As we are getting to the lift, I realize I am going to be sick, quick stop, I lose my breakfast and we are on our way. I am feeling about 75% now….let’s hope for the best. 2 lifts and we are at the top, we then jump on a snowcat and ride a bit and then strap on our ski’s and start hiking. 45 minutes, 1200 feet on a narrow path with sheer drop offs bordering us. We make it- blowing hard, snowing and not exactly ideal. But the snow was pure bliss! Power, very few tracks and 45 degree pitch, it was steep and not too deep. I think the most challenging ever for me but was thrilling. Meanwhile I am feeling worse but the minute….I have to stop frequently and when we are ½ way down I realize I am not well. We get down, do another steep run and I surrender, need to get home. We stop for a break in a Chalet, we walk in side, are engulfed by the smell of cheese fondue and I nearly lose it. Miserable skiing down and finally we are heading back….but we have to take a bus. I literally fall asleep at the bus stop. Too much, after transferring busses, returning my skis I fall into a taxi and spend the rest of the day and night in bed. So much for my last night……Ah well- am glad I did not miss the day.

It was a quick trip but terrific. Great skiing and great fun. Back at home and low on energy. I was hoping for a great few days of training but need to get well, my energy is zapped and the flu is hovering over me. My Achilles responded well to skiing- no more swelling and minor pain. The rest of me is worked over… back is so sore (all the bumps), knees are tender (bumps as well), quads and hammies are stiff. Never ceases to amaze me….I can ride 112 miles and run a marathon but can get totally worked skiing downhill! Good cross training I hope.

Am beginning to worry about Oceanside 70.3. With my Achilles I have not ridden in over a week and will have to take another few days to recover and am not sure how it will react to the bike. Since IM CdA is my A race, I may need to sacrifice Oceanside, take it as a training day, and ensure I am healed. I have 10 weeks after Oceanside before IM and need to be 100% to maximize training efforts. Will take it as it comes….

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  1. Just gave up my spot for Oceanside since my arm only moves about 3 inches, but still holding out hope that I can get it together for IM Canada. I say blow it off and concentrate on rocking IM CDA! Hope you feel better soon.